Setting Up Banner Ads on WordPress website.

This article assumes that you have already integrated QuabAds into your WordPress website. If you have not done that, please follow this link to learn how to do it.

Let's get to it.

Go to Appearance then click Widgets on the sub-menu that appears.

In the widgets page you should be able to see QuabAds widget and QuabAds Header.

QuabAds header allows you to place a banner on the header section of your website. QuabAds widget on the other hand gives you the ability to add the ad banners to the sections that you want. The widget also allows you to select the size you want.

Click on QuabAds widget and select the section that you want to add the ad banner to then click Add Widget.

The widget will appear on the selected section as shown. You can then type your preferred name for the widget and select the ad size that you want to be displayed in that section then click done.

You can now see the selected ad being displayed on your website. That is it.