Selecting Keywords for your website

QuabAds ad network algorithm dispenses ads based on context. For the algorithm to understand what the website contains, it normally reads the keywords given by the publisher so as to categorize it.

A publisher is therefore expected to add keywords that best describe the information that will be published by the website. The best practice in providing keywords in avoiding articles, adjectives, and all other descriptive words. Confusing, huh! Just use nouns.

An example would be if a website posts articles based on politics, the keywords could be something like; the labour party, politics, political parties, constitution, cabinet, promises, inauguration, prime minister, party leaders, international politics, USA, China, government projects.

You can use as many nouns as you can as long as you separate them with commas {,}.

Using keywords that do not correctly describe your website will automatically lead to disapproval of your website. Moreover, this will most likely the response you get from the website's visitors, and most probably affect your CTR.