Selecting Keywords for your Ad banners

Here you are. Looking and trying to understand how QuabAds keywords work. Relax, it is easy and probably the easiest way to customize your ad reach and audience. By the end of this, you will like it.

QuabAds are contextual. This means that a user only sees the ads because the website or platform they use is providing content that is relevant to what the ad is all about. At times this might not be the case, at least directly because there are some things that do not discretely fall into one specific industry category or content: The more general stuff;

How it Is done? The format, please.

It is simple, keywords are keyed in to describe the context needed to qualify for the ad banners. Keywords are preferable nouns or short phrases that describe the audience, message, or target of the ads. A good example will be to use: Forestry, natural forest, climate change, carbon-emission in an ad that advocates for climate change or targets an audience that is interested in matters environment. You must note that each keyword or key phrase is separated by a comma [, ] This is key.

Takeaways: Short phrases and comma-separated

Targeting Regions and Countries.

You can use keywords to target regions, countries, and territories. To do this, you just have to type the name of the country or region. It is that easy.


An Ad about chicken products that Targets Barbados, Trinidad, and Guatemala


chicken products, farm-raised chicken, Barbados, Trinidad n Tobago, Roosters, organic farming, poultry, fresh meat, Guatemala

If you want to target specific regions.... well you can. Just type the region's name. Oh, you have the liberty to use the region's name or go the long way and name every country in the region.

Targeting Devices.

This is a bit technical but simple. You can target mobile devices or workstations. In mobile devices, you should remember that you can make it specific to mobile phones or laptops.


An Ad about a new game that targets Android-based phones


android games, mobile games, android, mobile-phones

You can also make your ads to target people using workstations, laptops, etc.

Targeting One Gender or Age Group.

Gender targeting is normally not based on information that is healed about the visitor. It is purely based on the content that has over time shown to be of interest to a specific age group or gender. You can use words like youth, girls, women, female, men husbands, wives.

The general rule is to use nouns that best describe your target audience. Make it simple and rudimentary.