Javascript Integration of QuabAds with Website

Before integrating your website with QuabAds, it is required of you to have created a publisher account through this LINK

If you need a full guide to creating an account and registering ad slots, please follow this link.

Okay, let us get to the details;

You are provided with a testing platform and a production one too. The JavaScript link to the testing and the production links are not the same. For this case, we shall use the testing link. After you have properly tested your integration and you are satisfied with it, you can simply change that link to the production link.

Include the JavaScript link in your head section

Test js link

<script src=""></script>

Production js link

<script src=""></script>

The next step is to include the insert tags whenever you need to display an ad. This tag needs to have three fundamental attributes namely; class, data-slot-id, and data-pub-id.

Insert <ins> tags in the place of Ads.


The tag should have the following required tag attributes:

class (Required)

This should contain the value ‘quabads-slot

data-slot-id (Required)

This should have the registered Ad slot ID. The Ad slot ID is acquired through the account Dashboard.

data-pub-id (Required)

This is the publisher ID. A publisher ID is acquired on account registration.

Remember to replace the respective IDs during production.

That is it. You should be able to see a default ad slot banner when you run the code on your website.