Integrating QuabAds with WordPress website.

Integrating your WordPress website with QuabAds is the easiest of all the three ways in which one can integrate their website with the platform.

After creating you account and registering all the ad slots you wish to integrate with your website, you will be required to download the latest version of QuabAds plugin and install it on your WordPress site. On successful installation, the plugin name should appear on the menu bar as shown

Click on the item and a new QuabAds settings page will appear. Copy and paste the publisher number that was given on registration

You can check the Enable Anti-Ad blocker Mode option or leave it as it is. Enabling it will make your website to bypass anti-ad blockers and this has shown to increase impressions on your website. Not enabling it makes ads on your website to be blocker when the user enables this option in their browser.

The next step is pasting your registered ad slots IDs.

Please note that if you paste the wrong ID, your banner ad will not be displayed even if it is a matter of switching one ID for another slot. This is a common error.

You can then save your slots by clicking the SAVE button. That is the end of integration.